Evolution of the DeFi

ColdFi is a decentralized finance platform providing lending, cross-chain swaps, and exchange services.

About ColdFi

ColdFi is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that enables users to access a variety of financial services, including lending, cross-chain swaps, and exchange. Its cutting-edge blockchain technology ensures secure and transparent transactions, while its non-custodial design ensures user privacy and control over their funds. With ColdFi, users can seamlessly interact with multiple blockchain networks and enjoy the benefits of decentralized finance, without the limitations and risks associated with traditional centralized finance systems.



ColdFi initially launched on Callisto Network which offers state-of-the-art security features, including smart contracts auditing. With these features, users can enjoy secure, transparent, and efficient transactions, while having full control over their digital assets.



ColdFi provides a secure and decentralized lending platform, allowing users to earn interest on their digital assets. With ColdFi, users have complete control over their funds and can lend or borrow without relying on centralized intermediaries.

Cross Chain Protocol

Cross Chain

ColdFi offers a cross-chain protocol that enables seamless trading of multiple cryptocurrencies with a user-friendly interface. Its decentralized architecture ensures safe and secure transactions, while also providing users with the ability to swap assets across different blockchain networks.



ColdFi provides a centralized exchange (CEX) style user interface with advanced trading features such as order books, perpetual and margin trading. This enables users to trade cryptocurrencies with ease and take advantage of market movements.


LCLO Token

ColdStaking is a unique feature provided by Callisto Network, and ColdFi advances it by enabling staked CLO to participate in lending pools and trading using the LCLO token.


CFT Token

CFT is the native utility token of the ColdFi platform. Holders can access exclusive features, and participate in the platform's governance through voting.

CFT Token

  • The total supply of tokens will be limited to 200 million, and there will be no additional minting beyond this limit.
  • During the seed sale, 120 million tokens will be available, while 30 million tokens are reserved for private investors.
  • Utilize the token for staking and governance functionalities.
  • 20% of ColdFi's income will be allocated towards token burn and staking.
  • Participate in the Seed sale from May 1st to June 1st.


April 2023
CFT Private sale round
CFT initial sale for private investors. Send a mail to dmitry@coldfi.tech for inquiries
May 2023
CFT Public sale round
CFT token initial sale. Available on Callisto Network and Binance Smart Chain
Q2 2023
Lending platform
Lending protocol will be launched on Callisto Network
Q3 2023
LCLO Token Factory
LCLO Token features and using it as collateral will be launched
Q3 2023
Spot Exchange
Public release of the ColdFi exchange, order books, using dex liqudity
Q4 2023
Margin/Futures Trading
Advanced features of the ColdFi Exchange
Q1 2024
Cross Chain protocol
Liqudity Bridge and Cross Chain swap protocol launched
Q2 2024
Mobile application
Integration of all features into mobile application


We are excited to bring ColdFi to the world and are working hard to finalize our team. Team members will be added once they pass probation.

Dmitry Khodarenok

Dmitry Khodarenok

Founder , CEO/CTO

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